Feature on birth of DSK

dalitshakti_03In a detailed feature on Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK), Freny Manecksha writing in the website http://infochangeindia.org/, details how the DSK provides vocational training to Dalit youth with a a sense of identity. The idea into the mind of DSK founder Martin Macwan following a small agitation in Ranpur, Dhanduka taluka, Gujarat. “Women of a particular dalit sub-caste, who still performed the menial task of manual scavenging despite legislation against it, had asked the panchayat for new brooms but were refused on grounds that there was no budget for it”, the feature says, adding, “The challenge lay in changing the casteist mindset and in looking for alternatives that could address the social and economic insecurities of Dalits. It is out of these concerns that the DSK has evolved and grown in the village of Nani Devti, 25 km from Ahmedabad.”

Link: http://infochangeindia.org/human-rights/features/five-pledges-for-dalit-shakti.html


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