Ecosan project for clean sanitation

Sanitation-300x149The Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK) has introduced the Ecosan project on its campus at Nani Devati village, which soon became an example of sustainable system of clean sanitation, writes Designed inhouse, the toilet centre is attached with a bio gas plant. Begun in April 2007, about 22 toilets are connected to the plant and 150 students use it daily. The biogas generated from this plant is used in the kitchen. As part of the school sanitation system, the DSK introduced urine diversion dehydration toilet. This toilet complex has a total of eight toilets, four urinals, four washbasins and two laundry areas. Out of the eight, four are used for bathing and the other four as toilets. Pre-treated grey water is reused for gardening. Grey water collected from bathrooms, washbasins and a laundry area passes through a vertical flow filter filled with organic matter like saw dust, wood chips, dust, rice husk, straw, etc. The compost and urine are used as fertiliser and to amend the soil in the kitchen garden.


About the Ecoscan project in India, download:


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