Experiences in Dalit girls’ education

dsk4A based on experiences at the Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK),  the study “Dalit Girls’ Education in India” (2008), by Theresa Ferry says, “Dalits, formerly known as ‘untouchables’, are one of the most marginalized groups in Indian society. Dalit girls in particular have been viewed in Indian society as passive victims of caste and gender discrimination. Some Dalit groups, however, have considered Dalit girls as having agency to make choices in their lives.” The study considers what Dalit girls have to say about discrimination against them as well as the role that education plays in overcoming that discrimination. This qualitative study involves observing and interviewing seven Dalit girls at the DSK, apart from interviewing Dalit leaders in India, and analyzing literature to understand interrelated factors among caste, economic status, and gender. The results of this study suggest that education can help Dalit girls to find more economic opportunities and overcome hardships in their lives, but the extent to which education can help them overcome caste and gender discrimination is questionable.

Link: http://books.google.co.in/books/about/Dalit_Girls_Education_in_India.html?id=UHdSRUGnte4C&redir_esc=y


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