Interview with DSK director Martin Macwan

martin1In an interview published in, titled “Social activism is like onion-peeling — you successfully peel one layer, but then comes another one”, Martin Macwan, director, DSK, explores his role as a social activist after completing 25 years in the Dalit movement, He says, he was convinced that the leadership must change. A social movement needs new blood to bring in new ideas, which is the reason why he founded Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK). Through the DSK, he is involved in training teachers in our primary school programme and conducting training on gender relationships, power and community in the DSK training for 1 ,000 young men and women annually. “When they come here, they can hardly say their names. When they go back to their villages, they can become leaders”, he tells the interviewer. “Apart from that, I am writing textbooks used by the 30 000 children participating in our primary school programme”, he adds.