UNICEF policy paper on importance of DSK

bookA UNICEF-sponsored social policy working paper, “Understanding Capacity-building Needs: Current Models for Excluded Communities”, three Gujarat-based senior social activists Gagan Sethi, Jahnvi Andharia and Nupur, describe how the Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK), which runs vocational training centres for youth from the disadvantaged communities in Gujarat, owes its existence to the efforts and vision of Martin Macwan, who had been extensively involved with the Dalit movement at the grass roots, national and international levels. “The DSK focuses on self-development and ensures that the trainees learn skills to earn their livelihood and become, therefore, truly part of a self‑propelling movement. The DSK is a demonstration of how goals of environmental, economic and educational sustainability are incorporated in the various programmes it runs”, the policy paper, which was prepared in 2012 with the active involvement of Janvikas, one of the partners of the DSK, says.

Download the working paper by clicking here: http://www.unicef.org/india/Unicef_CB_Paper_V5.pdf