DSK-sponsored seminar on minority rights

Rudolf C Heredia
Rudolf C Heredia

The Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK) and the Prashant – A Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace organised a seminar on top sociologist Rudolf C Heredia’s book, “Taking Sides: Reservation Quotas and Minority Rights in India”, published by Penguins, at Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad. Widely proclaimed as “a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the complex matter of minority reservations”, participants at the seminar, including Prof Ghanshyam Shah, Prof Shalini Randeria, and others argued on the need for combining class struggle with rights of different communities and castes. Prof Randeria stressed on how the issues on women’s rights faced a paradoxical situation – while women must be collectively part of the fight for the rights collective of the vulnerable communities (Dalits, tribals and minorities), they face a patriarchal society within.

Link: http://www.counterview.net/2013/01/taking-sides-experts-examine-prons-and.html


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