Challenges before DSK

Despite positive impact, the Dalit Shakti Kendra (DSK) faces numerous challenges, which it is actively involved in overcoming. These can be summed as follows:

  • There is a need to develop plans to set up satellite centres in other parts of Gujarat to reduce reliance on the DSK.
  • Finding resources to fund the DSK is becoming increasingly difficult. Students cannot afford to pay the total cost required.
  • There is a need to go in for new vocational courses to keep pace with changing market demands.
  • Most students who come to the DSK are school dropouts, hence often teachers find it difficult to keep teach them together, as their level of education differs from one another.
  • There is little correlation between primary education and vocational education in society at large. Hence, to tailor primary education initiatives and link them up with vocational training often proves to be a challenge.
  • The disparity between boys and girls in both urban and rural societies poses a challenge at the DSK as well, as their educational levels also differ.
  • Teachers often find it difficult to ensure that students acquire technical expertise, especially among those with  low educational levels.
  • Parents are found to be not ready to spend money on girls’ education as compared to boys.
  • It is difficult for the DSK to find new teachers from the pool. Bright students who pass out from the DSK get better employment opportunities, one reason why they are reluctant to take up teaching at the DSK.

Learning to fight discrimination

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